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Furniture Pads

Furniture pads are pads that are placed under the feet of furniture to make the furniture easy to move. Today though there are things called furniture buffers and although these too are pads which are placed under the feet of furniture so it can be easily moved, they are also much more than just that. Firstly, these pads are glued to the feet of the furniture as they are durable and will last as long as the furniture.

Secondly as well as making the furniture easy to move, only needing to slide it, they also protect the floor from damage as you do move it. In fact, some people have referred to these furniture buffers as floor protectors as they will protect any type of floor including hard wood and linoleum from damage whilst moving furniture. As mentioned, the furniture buffers are glued to the feet of the furniture and so the glue is already in place, on one side of the buffers meaning all that needs to be done is remove the glue’s cover and press the pad onto the foot of the furniture.

The buffers are made from super compacted felt and so are built to last, so much so in fact that the makers provide a lifetime guarantee with every purchase. You may want them on the feet of your furniture so that the furniture can be easily moved for cleaning purposes without harming the floor but, if later, you needed to relocate, the buffers will still be in place making the furniture easy to be moved to your new home.

The buffers usually come in packs by size and so you decide what size you need for your furniture and then buy a pack. However, as not all furniture has the same size feet, a variety pack is also available and in the variety pack, as the name suggests, you will get a variety of different sized pads.

Although the buffers were designed for use with furniture and so there size is appropriate for that, some people also like to use the buffers on the bottom of ornaments to stop them from damaging a table. Obviously the buffers may be a little large for this particular task but it isn’t a problem as all you will need is a pair of scissors and you can cut the buffers to whatever size you like; no other tools required.

The uses for buffers does not stop at furniture and ornaments though as some people have found out that they can also be used on cupboards and laptops. How they are used in respect to cupboards is, they are cut and then glued to the inside of a cupboard’s door and this will stop the cupboard from loudly slamming shut. To use the buffers with laptops you place them under the laptop, lifting it. Because the laptop is raised, it will allow air to circulate under the laptop as well as around it, keeping it much cooler.