cajunvw creating a website

Building a Website

There are an increasing number of people that are placing their own websites on the internet and one of the reasons why this can happen is because of software which has been developed that makes building websites easy. If you intend to build your own website there are two things that you will need and they are a website development tool and a host. The development tool allows anyone to create their own website without the need to learn coding and so the process becomes easy. The host is servers which will place your website on the internet.

Most development tools such as Godaddy will allow you to choose a domain name which is the name for your website and is unique to you. Obviously you may have to choose the domain name carefully as your first choice may have already been taken and you will have to pay for the domain name as it will be owned by you and so cannot be replicated. Although the development tool will usually require to be paid for, many have promos that will allow you to access them at a reduced price. The promos for Godaddy for instance can be accessed here: . The host will also usually have to be paid for and how much you pay will depend on what type of visibility you want and how long you want to be hosted for. The cheapest option will probably be for one single website for a period of one year. Other options though may include the ability to have several websites hosted and additional tools such as assistance with SEO which will help to increase your website’s visibility.

When creating your website, you will want to ensure several things if you hope to receive a maximum number of visitors. Perhaps the first thing that you will need to do is choose an appropriate domain name for your site. This will want to be something that is related to what your website is about but is also catchy so that visitors to the site can easily remember in order to hopefully revisit it on more than just one occasion. First impressions mean a lot and so you will want your home page to be eye catching and interesting, displaying a promise of good things to see. As most people visit websites for a specific reason, you will want to have an easy to follow site map located on your home page so visitors can easily access whatever they are interested in.

Most people will add a contact page link to their home page so people can contact you about anything on your site they may want further information on. You may want a page that displays any images you want to share and of course you will want multiple pages for whatever it is you want to share. A website development tool like Godaddy can allow you to easily create all these things as well as other features.